Early Life School

scholarship overview

This is a NEED-BASED SCHOLARSHIP program that focuses on awarding scholarships to needy students in EARLY LIFE SECONDARY, FESTAC TOWN. This grant provides FULL ONE YEAR secondary education SCHOLARSHIP (inclusive of tuition and books) to FOUR students of the school.

Grants are disbursed twice a year in APRIL and OCTOBER to beneficiaries who meet the criteria provided below.

Application forms are made available at EARLY LIFE SCHOOLS, FESTAC TOWN in AUGUST of every year. 


  • School Fess
  • Books
  • Uniforms

This program requires applicants to demonstrate qualifications to receive this aid. Program may have additional requirements for the students to retain eligibility for the scholarship. Management reserves the right to sponsorship if the students do not satisfy the requirement.

a) The students should consistently exhibit academic excellence

b) The students must have been admitted to EARLY LIFE secondary school as a regular student.

c) All applicants must have financial needs. Priority consideration will be given to those applicants who exhibit the greatest levels of needs

d) The students must exhibit good behaviour both before and after receiving the scholarship.

e) Each applicant must complete an objective student assessment or qualifying test to be considered for the award.

f) The applicants must not be on another scholarship.

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Admission for for the new school year 2021/2022 session is ongoing!